Title Of Paper:
Protecting Private Space of Users Leaning on Virtualizing Security in Center of Cloud Calculations Data
Author's Name :  Ali Akbar Faraj
KeyWords:  Cloud Computing, Security, Virtualization, Privacy Preserving
Pages:  1 -9
Volume: 3
Issue: 6
Year: 2015

In cloud computing, security and trust can involve such concerns as maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive data, and offering mechanisms for monitoring cloud computing servers. Trust can be developed for clients by service providers, third parties through an agreement, or special security services. This creates a considerable level of risk in maintaining the privacy and security of processed data by virtual machines. This article presented a new management solution for maintaining the security of personal data in data centers through virtualization, which could be accomplished by opting for a trusted platform and deleting personal data after releasing the intended platform. Using a new concept known as a quarantined host, this method assisted in increasing the security level of the infrastructure layer. Results demonstrated that, the presented method was effective in identifying and responding to attacks without inducing any noticeable change in the level of migration or consumed power, which, in turn, pointed to the adequacy of the presented method.

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