Title Of Paper:
A Survey on Electronic Learning at Smart Schools
Author's Name :  Payam Sadeghi Sigaroudi, Seyed Abolghasem Mirroshandel
KeyWords:  Electronic learning, teaching process, students, smart school, new technology of teaching
Pages:  27 -41
Volume: 3
Issue: 6
Year: 2015

The E-learning is a new technology in educational field in which transmitting and sharing the information is done by computers and computer nets, and some advantageous of applying such technology is: a more interaction between the student and teacher, consistency in teaching process, high rate of transmitting the information, augment of capabilities, and increasing the potential abilities of the students. A smart school is a physical school whose management and control is based on the technology and computer webs, and the content of most courses is electronic. Designing a smart school is to create such an environment of teaching and learning, and improving the system of education management of the school. Regarding the increasing importance of electronic teaching and learning, the educational system should be along with the changes of modern society, too. One of the functions in educational system, is improving the application of modern technologies of information and connections in educational systems, and consequently setting up and improving smart schools. The general aim, in this article, is a review on the way of learning by students in smart schools that analyzes electronic learning, its feedbacks, and outputs, in the idea of students.

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