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Author's Name :   Salma Bibi , Bushra Tariq , Adeela Batool ,Fatima Mustafa
KeyWords:  SDN, Open Flow, Path Computation Element, North Bound Interfaces.
Pages:  8 -20
Volume: 3
Issue: 7
Year: 2015

In 21 century, networks provide flexibility to users and businesses is at high cost. Managing and controlling such networks has become very difficult and complex activity. In this situation, Software Defined Networking is the best solution because SDN change the networking world. Software Defined Networking provides flexible control over network policies and traffic flows. By using Software Defined Networking, network administrator would be able to change network policies according to user requirements. Secondly, Internet protocols brought a huge success in early seventies due to its success new applications are developed slightly different from the previous used networks. Flexibility and security is a big challenge and is marked as limitations. This efforts result is bringing Software Defined Networking (SDN) concept. Nowadays SDN occurs in open flow. Its basic concept is to deeply analyze computer networks.


This research paper examines the concept of software Defined Networking. How Software Defined Networks are used for security. This paper also examines the SDN architecture and takes analysis of different application architectures of SDN and also explains the challenges and solutions of SDN.

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