Sentiment Mining on Products Features based on Part of Speech Tagging Approach
Author's Name : Mohadese Abedi Shahkhali, Fatemeh Ahmadi-Abkenari

 Novel Design of a Nano-metric Fast 4*4 Reversible unsigned Wallace Multiplier Circuit
Author's Name : Ehsan PourAliAkbar, Hamid Saadi

 Intrusion Detection in Computer Networks using a Fuzzy-Heuristic Data Mining Technique
Author's Name : Hamid Saadi, MohamadBagherKeley

 Intrusion Detection System with Hierarchical Different Parallel Classification
Author's Name : Behrouz Safaiezadeh, Alireza Zebarjad, Amin Einipour

 Simulation of Equal Poloidal Magnetic Flux Surfaces by Surfer Software in Tokomaks
Author's Name : Shervin Saadat, Azadeh Haghighatzadeh, Simin Nazari