Review of Ontology Matching Approaches and Challenges
Author's Name : Sarawat Anam, Yang Sok Kim, Byeong Ho Kang and Qing Liu

 A Combination of SVM, Neural Network and Decision Tree in Intrusion Detection Systems
Author's Name : Saba Sedigh Rad, Farzad Galavandi , Asiye mirdoraghi

 Provide a Medical Expert System Based On Simulated Annealing Algorithm
Author's Name : Amin Einipour

 A Clustering Based Fault Tolerant Network Full Coverage Method in WSN
Author's Name : Mohammad Mehrani, Ehsan Bidokh, Mohammad Hasannejad, Ali Mojoudi

 The Combined Method of Classification for Improvement of Intrusion Detection System in Computer Networks
Author's Name : Ehsan vahid, Abdol Hamid Fetanat, KarimAnsariasl

 Defense Against the Attacks of the Black Hole, Gray Hole and Wormhole in MANETs Based on RTT and PFT
Author's Name : Shahram Behzad, Reza Fotohi, Fathulah Dadgar