A Redundancy Based Approach for Wireless Sensor Networks Distributed Reconfiguration
Author's Name : Bechar Rachid, Haffaf Hafid, and Kechar Bouabdellah

 Diagnosis of Parkinson's disease Using Tabu Search Algorithm
Author's Name : Amin Einipour

 Distributed TDMA-Base Scheduling in Multi-hop Wireless Sensor Network
Author's Name : Hojjat Farshadinia, Mohammad reza Noreimehr, and Ehsan Gholami

 A Novel Three-Moduli Set and its Associated Arithmetic Residue to Binary Converter
Author's Name : Mohammad Mehdi Lotfinejad, Mostafa Boromandzade

 Scheduling Algorithm for Vehicle to Road-side Data Distribution Consider Data Type
Author's Name : M.Kaboli, M .R.Noorimehr, M.Abbasi Dezfuli